The FASTEST Way To Start & Grow Your NLP Business Online And Smash 6 Figures In Record Time!

WITHOUT paying for ads, funnels, giving away free hypnosis sessions, using events, speaking on stage, free facebook groups, 5 day NLP challenges, more NLP certifications or mindset hacks!

What You Get (Lifetime access to all):

Online NLP Business Training Program: only $997 AUD

Speed-Training System: Turning multiple session(s) into sessio(n) with all of your clients

Just Some Of the results from the NLP businesses we have helped!

100K Coaching Program For NLPs Who Want To Grow A 6 Figure NLP Business

What is it?

The 100K Coaching program has been designed for NLPs to grow their NLP business online. From finding your niche, marketing, sales, scaling, and accounting to even how to hire a team to help your NLP business grow – we have left no stone unturned. 

Who is it for?

Any NLP practitioner, NLP master practitioner  or NLP business trainer who wants to grow their NLP business the right way or scale an existing hypnosis business. We have helped 1000s of hypnotherapists from scratch hit 6 figures and multiple 6 figures in record time!

Where does it happen?

A complete online program; study at your own pace. Once you enrol you will gain instant access to the program, the private Facebook group, mentoring, and all materials to help your hypnosis business succeed. 

How does it work?

You enrol in the 100K Coaching Program to build your NLP business online. Log into the training platform, watch the videos, follow the instructions, complete the action items, ask for help in the community and repeat. We have done all the thinking for you to grow your NLP business – all you need to do is take action. 

Why take this class?

If you can not grow your NLP business, can’t get paid hypnosis clients, don’t know how to market your NLP business, have no idea what your NLP niche is, what to charge your NLP clients, and are sick of following mindset and clearing abundance blocks, this program is for you. This is a 100% practical NLP business program – no fluff, no mindset, no universe, and no magic. It’s all about action and turning you into a real NLP business owner with a NLP business that will thrive.

Why does it exist?

The problem with 99% of the NLP business programs is their lack of real-world application. Usually taught by inexperienced NLPs, hypnotherapists, coaches, and mentors (with lessons on just mindset and the universe) who have never run a NLP business before or really understand the dynamics of a hypnosis business. I (Scott Jansen) use the EXACTLY system in this program to build my own 12-year career , from scratch, helping lawyers quit smoking with the highest fees in the industry. I walked the walk and now talk the talk. It’s why 30,000 students have joined our library of courses.

A Program That Helps NLP Businesses Succeed!

Grow Your NLP Business The Right Way!

Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy Masterclass™

You’ll get the exact systems and methods you need to grow your NLP business from scratch. From finding your NLP niche, selling, scaling, social media, accounting and becoming known as the go-to NLP expert in your niche. We leave no stone unturned and teach you everything from scratch to build a NLP business that can turn your dreams into a financial reality. 

Lifetime access & support.

Once enrolled you are mentored by Scott Jansen for life. You will be a part of our growing community for life with 24/7 real-life support from Scott himself. This is more than a program, it is a mentorship to support and keep you accountable for your success every step along the way. Practise with other students, get feedback and be supported with all your NLP business questions

Private mentoring.

Once enrolled you have the ability to join our Facebook community and you will have access lifetime to the 100K Coaching program, all modules, materials, systems, and strategies designed to grow your NLP business online. You can turn your brain off as all the thinking has been done for you – you just need to take action.

*This is not a certification course, nor can it be used for insurance or CEC points – This course is not recognised or registered with any hypnotherapy/coaching/NLP boards. This program is used only for educational purposes and to enhance your current therapeutic and coaching skill set. All results, success and testimonies are from practising hypnotherapists, coaches and NLP, your results may vary depending on your skill level, past certifications, knowledge, and dedication. You must take 100% responsibility to setting up your practise, gaining the correct insurance and education, following of rules and regulations for your services and marketing. take no responsibility for your results with clients. This program is for training purposes only, no certification will be presented at the end of the training.

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